Saturday, May 19, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Hanna Gaby Odiele and Kasia Struss rocking out at Coachella (image from Harper's Bazaar)
It's a pleasingly predictable occurrence at this time of year: the hype surrounding Coachella as the first music festival of the year. There is always buzz about the line-up, the attendees and What 'Everyone' (aka fashion bunnies) Will Wear. But what is quite comforting about the photos which pour out of Coachella - which is near Palm Spring in California - and therefore has quite warm weather - is that what people wear never really changes that much. The general uniform is frayed denim shorts, some form of boots (Dr Martens/ wellington/ worker) a cool top (boho fringing or graphic print), and some sweet friendship necklace/wristband type thing, not forgetting the obligatory slouchy bag. This is a good thing.  When in daily life there are many ways to look cool, so many options that it can often be overwhelming, Coachella, and festivals in general, are places where it is easy to look pretty fab in four easy steps. Not including getting off your face and lost in music, obvs.

1. Denim shorts
2. Cute little top
3. Work boots
4. Slouchy bag

Here are a few of our favourite takes on the denim shorts look...

Kate Bosworth in animal tee and little Mulberry bag. I'm a big fan of the
lime fish earrings too (image from

Coachella not scout camp- boyish badges and camouflage, and hey is that Josephine de la Baume? (image from
Ok, they're coloured denim but these laced up shorts are along the same lines. Really love the scarf flapping in the wind and wintry hat (from

Zanna Roberts Rossi lets her bleached and ripped denims take centre stage. This is a bit chavvy for us at FEAL.  (image from

The Zombie that is Sky Ferreira does double denim, and looks more grungy than cutesy festival.  (image from

When the festival fashion formula is so easy - read: safe - it takes a lot of sass to veer off course. These girls did and we love them for it. Hanne and Karla (top and below) are my best dressed for the sole reason that they actually look like they're at a festival. They're a bit thrown together but there's not a a denim cut off in sight plus they actually look like they're having a brilliant time. 
It's Hanne and Karla again... LOVE Hanne's fringing, face paint and pewter patterned trousers (image from
Best Dressed Who Are Clearly VIPs at an Exclusive Party Rather than Moshing in with Everyone Else...
Harley Viera Newton looking very sweet in pastels and Charlotte Olympia slippers. (image from
Alexa Chung in Phillip Lim- a sweet evening dress and Jesus sandals. Not an outfit for muddy days or tents. Long gone are the Barbour days for Alexa (image from Derek Blasberg at Harper's Bazaar)
Nathalie Love and Gia Coppola (image from Vogue)

Best Dressed Normal People...

I have no idea what this girl is actually wearing, but her make-up is fabulous enough to warrant a special mention (image from Huffington Post)
Blanket coats...

Image from
What festivals are all about... 

Image from

Best dressed man: Kanye West in Celine SS11. We like the 80s open chest plus medallion styling. 
Kanye in Celine (image from
See through rucksacks? These girls must be staying at The Standard or The Parker as their bags are filled with lollipops and bright fun things rather than pants and wet wipes. 

Image from Vogue
PLUS, you MUST WATCH the hologram performance from Tupac and Snoop Dog. It's moving and beautiful and quite unbelievable that a performer could be so present nearly 16 years after his death....