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Polkadots & Colorblock

I really like this Marni for H&M coat, I love the polkadot print, the length and the bulky fabric. I combined it here with a dress from Sugarlipsapparel, Marni for H&M heels, Zara necklace and H&M clutch and leather gloves. Have a great weekend!



Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Hanna Gaby Odiele and Kasia Struss rocking out at Coachella (image from Harper's Bazaar)
It's a pleasingly predictable occurrence at this time of year: the hype surrounding Coachella as the first music festival of the year. There is always buzz about the line-up, the attendees and What 'Everyone' (aka fashion bunnies) Will Wear. But what is quite comforting about the photos which pour out of Coachella - which is near Palm Spring in California - and therefore has quite warm weather - is that what people wear never really changes that much. The general uniform is frayed denim shorts, some form of boots (Dr Martens/ wellington/ worker) a cool top (boho fringing or graphic print), and some sweet friendship necklace/wristband type thing, not forgetting the obligatory slouchy bag. This is a good thing.  When in daily life there are many ways to look cool, so many options that it can often be overwhelming, Coachella, and festivals in general, are places where it is easy to look pretty fab in four easy steps. Not including getting off your face and lost in music, obvs.

1. Denim shorts
2. Cute little top
3. Work boots
4. Slouchy bag

Here are a few of our favourite takes on the denim shorts look...

Kate Bosworth in animal tee and little Mulberry bag. I'm a big fan of the
lime fish earrings too (image from

Coachella not scout camp- boyish badges and camouflage, and hey is that Josephine de la Baume? (image from
Ok, they're coloured denim but these laced up shorts are along the same lines. Really love the scarf flapping in the wind and wintry hat (from

Zanna Roberts Rossi lets her bleached and ripped denims take centre stage. This is a bit chavvy for us at FEAL.  (image from

The Zombie that is Sky Ferreira does double denim, and looks more grungy than cutesy festival.  (image from

When the festival fashion formula is so easy - read: safe - it takes a lot of sass to veer off course. These girls did and we love them for it. Hanne and Karla (top and below) are my best dressed for the sole reason that they actually look like they're at a festival. They're a bit thrown together but there's not a a denim cut off in sight plus they actually look like they're having a brilliant time. 
It's Hanne and Karla again... LOVE Hanne's fringing, face paint and pewter patterned trousers (image from
Best Dressed Who Are Clearly VIPs at an Exclusive Party Rather than Moshing in with Everyone Else...
Harley Viera Newton looking very sweet in pastels and Charlotte Olympia slippers. (image from
Alexa Chung in Phillip Lim- a sweet evening dress and Jesus sandals. Not an outfit for muddy days or tents. Long gone are the Barbour days for Alexa (image from Derek Blasberg at Harper's Bazaar)
Nathalie Love and Gia Coppola (image from Vogue)

Best Dressed Normal People...

I have no idea what this girl is actually wearing, but her make-up is fabulous enough to warrant a special mention (image from Huffington Post)
Blanket coats...

Image from
What festivals are all about... 

Image from

Best dressed man: Kanye West in Celine SS11. We like the 80s open chest plus medallion styling. 
Kanye in Celine (image from
See through rucksacks? These girls must be staying at The Standard or The Parker as their bags are filled with lollipops and bright fun things rather than pants and wet wipes. 

Image from Vogue
PLUS, you MUST WATCH the hologram performance from Tupac and Snoop Dog. It's moving and beautiful and quite unbelievable that a performer could be so present nearly 16 years after his death....



The jacket, shirt, sunglasses, and heels are from Zara, the bag is from Dressrepublic, the bracelet is from Hermés and the jeans is from Replay. I love yellow for Spring and I think it looks great combined with denim. I really like this jacket from Zara, I got it in black as well from last season. The zipper detailing makes the jacket more interesting and more edgy. Enjoy your day!



Posted by Melanie Rickey, Fashion Editor at Large

The most worn and blogged about fashion item of this Spring has been the Prada satin-collared bomber jacket covered with colourful chunky stones. During the catwalk shows I lost count of the number of people - both male and female - who owned one, and each individual jacket seemed unique to the wearer. That is the power of a gem; they become part of you. It is also the power of Prada. Every time I saw one on someone I become mesmerised to the point of childlike awe; I need one of these jackets in my life, as entertainment if nothing else.  

Miuccia Prada tends to roll out an influential corker for the summer season, and a more commercial collection for winter. This summer's Prada collection may have revved up the high street with its Vroom-Vroom car iconography but it also, it turns out, has influenced the most directional catwalk designers for Autumn from Lanvin to Vuitton, Nina Ricci to Versace, and we're not talking about the cars, but the hundredweight of bling.  Miu Miu and Prada carried on showering chunks of rock onto their clothes for Autumn.. but scroll down and you will see how the rest of the high fashion firmament lost themselves to the power of opening fire with equivalent of an AK 47 loaded with crystal ammo. 

This all marks the return of bling, something the BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China  - who are all in the throes of a boom time, will love and indulge to the max. In the Western market partaking in this trend will be done with more than a sense of irony. 

More Prada
Even more Prada 
You guessed it... 
Street style blogger Hanneli Mustaparta mixes Tom Binns bling with a varsity jacket
More Tom Binns.. (All the above photos by the inimitable Tommy Ton for

Prada AW12 (image from
Dolca and Gabbana AW12
Lanvin AW12

Lanvin AW12
Marni AW12
Nina Ricci AW12 
Versace AW12
Louis Vuitton AW12 (all catwalk images from


Jewelled sandals £58 Topshop
Gem sandals £40 River Island


Phone accessoiries

Look at my new phone toys: a Fifi Lapin case from Iconemesis for my Iphone and a black Rabito case for my Blackberry.



Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Bright eyes... Meadham Kirchhoff beauty looks from AW12 (image from
Maybe it's the sudden turn in the weather from bright to dismal, or perhaps it's the amount of time the FashEd and I spend looking at the specifics of colour in our consultancy projects, or it could be that walking into most stores at the moment involves being confronted with such powerful, undiluted palettes. Whatever it is, my eyes have become addicted to complete overdoses of rich and saturated tones, whether it is the tangerine neon of the jumper I bought the other day, or the bloody rich maroon in J.W Anderson's AW12 collection, the picture of which I just cannot stop looking at. I feel like the pastel trend which so dominated the SS12 catwalks hasn't quite hit my consciousness yet. In fact, in a few weeks time these could become a diluted antidote to the intensity which is pervasive in my mind right now.

My colour obsession... JW Anderson AW12 (image from
The road to York through Sledmere by David Hockney 1997 (from
It was on a visit to the Royal Academy's David Hockney exhibition (a few days before it closed) a couple of weeks ago that I felt like my colour channel was  properly attuned. The only way I can even begin to describe the feeling of looking at a Hockney painting is that it makes your eyes dance, so vibrant are the colours and the ways they're combined. The images which I have included here do not even begin to visually describe the effect of seeing a Hockney original. I would love to know how he achieves this insanely concentrated bouncing-off-the-canvas-it's-so-bright effect.  His eye transforms the gentle browns greys and greens of the natural landscape into cyan blue leaves, lilac roads and pink skies. They're delicious and unexpected combinations.
More felled trees on Woldgate by David Hockney 2008 (from

And the book I most want to read right now? A Pantone Colour Book. Odd, I know given 
that I'm more often found with my nose buried in classic literature but the thought of looking
 at that faded, brownish paper and uniform black type just makes my heart sink, especially
 when I could be poring over seven pages of 'pink' representations. 

I like to think that this new found colour obsession might be my version of patriotism, 
given the upcoming Jubilee, bear with me here. One of the highlights of this month's 
Vogue is the back page on which the magazine charts Her Majesty's colour choices 
over the course of a year. It looks to me like The Queen might also be a fan of the Pantone 
book, so considered are her head-to-toe choices of hue, from the palest of lemon curd 
yellows to the rubiest of Wizard of Oz reds she seems to have worked her way through 
them all. I can imagine her handing her circled colour choices to her dressmaker Angela 
Kelly as reference guide to her latest outfit creation.  

Devastatingly, I don't have my own Angela Kelly to rustle up something in my latest
 colour whim so I will amuse myself a while longer looking at my new favourite Tumblr,

The Queen in colour (image from