Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Hello from Berlin! I arrived an hour or so ago for my first visit here. I won't be here long- just a day of shows at Berlin Fashion Week tomorrow, courtesy of Mercedes Benz- so as tempting as it was to curl up in my room for a pre-dinner nap, I thought it would take the opportunity to see any sights I could while I had some free time.

Luckily, I'm staying very close to the fashion week action which also happens to be right next to one of Berlin's biggest landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate. Before I came, I'd heard a lot about Berlin as a city of art and creativity and partying. While I never doubted those descriptions, it seemed odd to me because Germany is portrayed as so industrial and economically strong. I found it hard to envisage how the capital of a country like that could have such an incongruous reputation.The area I'm staying in feels quite corporate but I expect I may see the other side of the city later tonight. I'm interested to see how German fashion designers approach that dichotomy. I'll admit I'm no expert  on the labels I'll be seeing tomorrow but in a way I'm glad that I won't be going with preconceptions. The big four fashion weeks have such solid (if unnecessarily stereotypical identities); London is where new talent grows, New York is easy, sporty and wearable, Milan is glamour and Paris is chic old school. What is Berlin though? I'll see tomorrow.


Flowers laid in memory of political prisoners
 My home tomorrow...

The Brandenburg Gate...

I'm not exactly sure what these Fundus Verkauf are but I think it's to do with a shop selling opera props, amazing!
 Apparently these segments of the Berlin Wall are dotted around the city. I love the graffited face on this one outside my hotel.