Friday, December 9, 2011


Posted by Melanie Rickey, Fashion Editor at Large

  American Retro lace T-shirt (with 30% off) £140
Today I bring you a modern and elegant lace T-Shirt by the French brand American Retro. T-shirts made using luxury fabrics are big fashion news for Spring/Summer 2012. They form a key component of "New Easy" one of the biggest themes to emerge from of the catwalk shows. Basically if its easy to pull-on and wear, it's in. The twist is the garment which could be a simple T-shirt, tank, jogger shaped trousers,  shift dress or little flared skirts are all created with luxury fabrics and often in highly decorative form with embroideries, sequins, digital prints, or simply great textiles. It is great to see a move away from the obsession with decades as reference. This new mood in fashion is a marriage of the divine and the practical to create something fresh and modern.

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"I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity"

Diana Vreeland 

I leave you now with a slice of beauty and heart-wrenching sadness from the ever-wonderful natural history department of the BBC. The show Frozen Planet finished airing in Britain this week, for our international readers YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.  This short video is the talk of Twitter today.