Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Friend Brix

Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

I'm currently at Babington House about to assist in an event named "An Evening with Brix Smith-Start." A lot of people find it an unlikely pairing, but nevertheless the fact remains Brix is one of my dearest friends and I adore her. Which is why tonight, at 7.30, I will be interviewing Brix in front of a live audience who have paid to see/hear her at Babington. I compiled a Power Point presentation full of images of Brix's life from her as a big-haired precocious L.A teenager who counted Bret Easton Ellis as a friend, to a rock star in the group The Fall (and living in Manchester), to the girl friend of violinist Nigel Kennedy and now fashionista, pug lover and co-owner - with her husband Philip - of the Start boutique in Shoreditch. Not forgetting of course her growing television career. Brixie has co-hosted Gok's Fashion Fix, Promzillas, and pops up regularly on This Morning as fashion correspondent.

Brix with her bass guitars

To assist in the presentation, I've put my two favourite Fall videos in here - plus a hilarious interview with Brix and Mark E. Smith of The Fall, and more of Brix the fashionista. They wouldn't work within the Power Point...Grrr... So what better window than here?



Interview on Snub tv

The Start of Start

Brix at LFW