Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

The London riots are terrible. I've done my bit today by spreading the word about @riotcleanup and am keeping a level head, not getting carried away in the hysteria like many people around on Twitter today. If my local area is affected I will be there with my rubber gloves and broom.  In the meantime, life goes on. Life should go on. So if you are joining the blog for a bit of light relief, you will find it!

As I mentioned before going on holiday, the blog is getting a revamp. We're migrating to our very own URL Fashioneditoratlarge.com soon, and breaking away from the blogger format.

One of the aspects I'm introducing is posts pinpointing the absolute fashion essentials on any given day, week, month or season. I'm talking about the item or items so on it that when you buy and wear them, they make you feel instantly up to date and amazing. If you're anything like me, this week you'll be looking at online boutiques "What's New" sections at the new Autumn/Winter 2011 pieces arriving, and feeling your pulse quicken.

As we run up to September I'll be revealing the overarching trends for the season in twice weekly blasts. (I was going to do it earlier in the summer, but decided it would be more useful now.) Today I'm making a soft start and writing about burgundy, the colour.

Shades of claret and burgundy are set to become THE colours of the new season; at least through September into October. The popularity of the colour began with Phoebe Philo at Celine a year ago, and it has taken this long to pollenate and touch down at fashion retail level. Buying something in this colour will make you feel fashionable. Its as simple as that. Here are the pieces that are guaranteed to make you feel new season, all brand new and available now, and you can link straight through to the stores too.

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