Thursday, July 7, 2011


Posted by Fashion Editor at Large

There's a heatwave underway on this speck of Greece, so waiting until 2pm to face-off with the harsh rays is sensible, and what better way to pass a few hours than with a meander around online watching short films?

Yesterday I was directed to look at the fashion films being created by Mr Porter, where my dear friend and great editor Mr Jeremy Langmead is the majordomo. Fashion Film is what fashion retail websites should be doing to express themselves. The male approach to fashion and style is vastly different to that of women. Men let practicality and usefulness guide their choices, and most fashionable men I know are not that catwalk led. A combination of street style, tradition and sartorial etiquette seems to be the blend that drives them. Correct me if I am wrong.

I absolutely LOVED everything about this film that documents stylish male cyclists in Amsterdam.

While locked into Mr Porter's youtube channel I also came across this. It seems the existence of Mr Porter has inspired Jimmy Choo (who have a highly successful shop-in-shop on sister site Net-a-Porter) to debut a snazzy menswear collection with the site. The film directed by Carter Peabody and styled by Dan May is charming, jazzy and not too fancy-pants thus doing its job in a lovely way. I defy any man not to want a pair of Jimmy Choo sneakers to dally around town in. Girls will fall for them too. There are several styles to choose from that actually seem OK to wear with a suit. And for the man who can successfully work a Dalmation spotted cowhide slipper loafer, there's something for you. Oh and there are smashing brown lace-ups too.