Thursday, February 10, 2011


Posted by Fashion Junior at Large

Last week, London College of Fashion popped some champagne corks and celebrated the final projects of this years MA students. We were lucky enough to get a look at the work of some of the most inspiring new artists/designers/photographers ou there and it was a genuinely breathtaking evening - especially when we wandered into the MA Fashion Photography section.

The LCF MA course is designed to develop an 'analysis, philosophy and vision of fashion photography that remains...unstable and in oscillation. The students engage with photography as the perfect medium, always capable of a back and forth. (Their work) represents the matrix and vitality of fashion photography today.' Whether that sounds like arty posturing or a genuine academic and creative ideal, it was impossible to not be impressed by the ingenuity and imagination visible on the walls.

Here are just a few of our favourite projects:

Nicholas Andrews 'Liberty Heights'

The authenticity and accuracy with which Andrews captured late 1950's photography was mesmerizing. He explained that he spent a lot of time researching the perfect locations and styled all the shots himself, although the female model is a bonafide pin-up model. His work was a huge mass of framed black and white shots, each with an intriguing narrative. These photos weren't just retro or nostalgic, they were a considered study of the style they represented, and what's more, were completely beautiful! His is a name to watch out for. 

Nicol Vizioli 'Shadows on Parade'

Vizioli's work was some of the most dramatic on show; weird, supernatural figures in ghostly costume were captured against brooding backgrounds. She is obviously a photographer with a sense of theatrics and fantasy, although the most simple image, showing a young girl holding a rabbit, was the most fascinating.

Camilo Echeverri 'What to believe?'

This set by Camilo Echeverri stopped me in my tracks. Forming part of her UniformE series, there was something about the considered expressions on the subjects faces and the visual power of their uniforms that sucked you into the image and made you want to know more.

It was an entirely inspirational evening, full to the brim with new and exciting talent. Congratulations to the current crop of MA students for creating such amazing projects!

All images copyright of the respective photographers.