Friday, May 14, 2010


Posted By: Guest Blogger, George Langford (Glitterbird)

Taylor Momsen. Gossip Girl starlet, wannabe rock chick and...thug? Her interview in Thursday's Metro saw yet another example of what happens when fame, fortune and fashion happen to someone who just isn't ready to be a role model. For some unknown reason, the journalist thought it would be a bright idea to begin the article with this choice quote:

"I have a knife favourite's my switchblade." Grrrreat! One of the world's hottest teen stars declares her passion for lethal weapons. She is setting a fabulous example to all her devoted fans, who will no doubt be abandoning their Hannah Montana DVDs and rushing out to purchase their very own blade as we speak. Flicking the knife is 'relaxing', apparently...not that I would know, considering a cup of tea usually suffices in times of crisis. Obviously, I don't have to deal with the pressure of international stardom, pots of money and designer freebies on tap, but aw shucks, life must be hard for this 16 year old actress. Perhaps Momsen thinks that this new revelation about her already 'alternative' lifestyle will add to her rawk credibility as she forges a musical career with her band Pretty Reckless. Whatever the reason, it was pretty stupid to mention it to a journalist and for said journalist to go on ahead and tell the world.

Before I go any further, let me declare myself as a fully fledged Gossip Girl obsessive - I love the show, even if it is becoming more and more 'Dynasty set on the Upper East Side'. Momsen, and her on screen alter ego Jenny Humprey have experienced a significant style evolution recently, going from Brooklyn School Girl to Park Avenue Punk (sound like a paradox? It's the same as any other emo/goth look, just with more designer labels.) I like the way she is not afraid to wear whatever she likes, regardless of trends or even the time of day. Her platinum hair and penchant for black leather and lace, combined with the ability to pull off some edgy evening looks, have led to her new status as a style icon. New Look have even made Momsen the face of their latest collection, although it remains to be seen whether her moody eyes will still be staring out of every shop window by the weekend. It's the Peaches Geldof-Ultimo fall out, mark II.

Even though I appreciate Jenny's alternative appearance, if the girl uses much more black eyeshadow I fear she will be fighting off the unwanted sexual advances of a panda. Momsen and 'Little J' are starting to merge into the same person, as the actress is now frequently seen out and about in her uniform of black stockings, nightie and leather jacket (just don't mention Courtney Love!) Because, y'know, music is her life now, Momsen doesn't feel the need to tone down her look for the sake of her teenage fans. Yes, she has the figure to pull it off, but she is unaware that she is influencing an army of identikit 'prostitots' (thanks, Perez Hilton) not all of which have a burly bodyguard to protect them from the lecherous responses this outfit is guaranteed to provoke.

I think she looks hot, really I do, but there is a line, and switchblades are well and truly over it. I respect Momsen for attempting to distinguish herself from the rest of her Gossip Girl counterparts, but there are better ways to do that than by collecting knives. At least if she wants to indulge her desire for sharp objects, someone please tell the girl not to shout about it!


(Image: Rex Features)