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Kate Bosworth in Valentino pre-fall last week in LA

One of the lasting visual imprints from the AW10 collections is the surrealist, occult drenched vaudeville film by Kenneth Anger which played as the precursor and backdrop to the Valentino show in Paris. The show ran terribly late in the day, on almost the last day of the show season, and the flickering images of the cine-film showing a prancing sequin clad dancer put me (and most of the audience) in a trance only broken when the show started. 

I loved the Valentino show. It is in my top ten of the entire season. The tailoring, the colours, the lightness of the flou! Mmm, I continue to drink it in... The last time I loved a Valentino show this much was in 2008 when the talented Alessandro Faccinetti had her one season showing before management decided to replace her. The show she presented was not a million miles away from what Valentino's current designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli did for AW10. 

The aspect of this show that continues to stand out for me is the way Piccioli and Chiuri placed blush pink and red together in several looks. It looks fresh and gorgeous. The lace blouses, pointy studded low-heeled shows and boyish cut trousers did it for me too, but whereas blush/red should spiral into a trend any day now, my blouse/trouser obsession is more personal.  ANYWAY. When I saw Kate Bosworth - one of the few actresses whose style I admire to the point of absorption - wearing it last week to a Valentino cocktail party in L.A my love of the blush/scarlett combo reignited and spiked off the scale.

I will be finding ways to wear these two shades together this week. It can be done as simply as by wearing slash of lipstick my current favourite red lipstick Rouge Coco by Chanel (below) with some of the season's nude shades. I will start with this, and progress.
Also at the Valentino cocktail were the designers, and Chloe Sevigny. Here they all are together.
Maria Grazia Chiui, Kate Bosworth, Pier Paolo Piccioli, Chloe Sevigny in Valentino

I would love to meet these designers.

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